Other properties defended during the 2017-2021 wildfires:

Trefethen Winery Property

St. Helena Estates

Dry Creek Rd Property

Redwood Rd. Property

Montecito Rd Properties

North Ave. Property

2017 Napa Wildfire Defense 

Structure Rescue on Monticello Rd in Napa

Trees thinned out, deadwood removed and dry twigs and leaves removed= Attractive Defensible Space!

Inferno Guard responded to this customer's home shortly after the Atlas Fire began. Thanks to some quick action by creating a fire break around the property and some defensible space and mitigation techniques, the home was saved with only minor loss to some surrounding objects. However, with some preventative defense done beforehand, those losses sustained would have been dramatically reduced or eliminated.

Always practice defensible space year round and especially BEFORE wildfire season!  

Inferno Guard

​          Home Hardening & Defense LLC

Overgrown trees, deadwood and dry twigs and leaves= Wildfire fuel!

Defensible space work on Montecito Rd. 


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