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"I have been a client of Jake Songer’s for many years, and he was an obvious choice when I was making the decision to hire someone to do defensible space work on my properties on Dry Creek and Redwood Roads.  Jake had always provided valuable advice and guidance regarding the most appropriate preventative efforts that could be undertaken to protect my property investments. My decision proved to be a smart one when the October 2017 fire storms ravaged Napa and Sonoma Counties. My properties were located in two of the most vulnerable areas and the threat to them was very real. It was heartbreaking to watch so many residents lose their homes, including three of my nearby neighbors on Dry Creek and Wall Roads and other neighbors along Redwood Road. I was very thankful to find that my home on Dry Creek and my recreational structure on Redwood Road were not touched by the fires, and this was more than likely a result of having hired Jake to create areas of defensible space around these structures. Had Jake and his team at Inferno Guard not been so knowledgeable and diligent in their work, I almost certainly would have suffered great losses. On the basis of this experience, I strongly suggest that everyone who lives or owns property in a wildland-urban interface zone seriously consider having the defensibility against wild fire of their property and improvements evaluated. And, I can highly recommend Jake and Inferno Guard for defensible space work—one cannot find a more qualified professional than Jake is or a work ethic that is better than his". 


William A. Gardner

Napa County Resident & Property Owner

Professor Emeritus, Engineering

University of California,  Davis

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"Our mission is a passionate one; to prevent the spread of wildfire in an effort to protect your home and property as well as the homes and property of the surrounding areas. California wildfires are at an all time high and continue to cause loss of homes, possessions and lives. Prevention is our goal, saving homes and lives is our mission!"

Inferno Guard

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Jake has lived in the Napa area for over 35 years and have seen the devastation that wildfire can cause up close and personal. 

Jake began his career at 16 years of age as an Explorer Scout with the American Canyon Fire Protection District where he also worked for the City of American Canyon in the Parks Department. He has 14 years of  wildland firefighter training and went on to become a Helitack aerial firefighter for CDF (Cal-Fire). Jake is now a general contractor with the state of California and operates as "J.S. Construction Services".  Jake has extensive knowledge and expertise in all aspects of building, renovations, custom decks, fencing, plumbing, electrical, and landscaping. Through his experience as a seasoned tree climber of 15 years, Jake specializes in small to very large tree removals, fine pruning and estate land maintenance. As a general contractor, Jake acts as the on-site project manager and coordinator on all jobs, ensuring that all customer wildfire defense needs and requirements are being met. 

"Napa is a beautiful place to live and I strive to help others protect their investments by mitigating the risk of a wildfire that may potentially threaten or consume what they have worked so hard to build"

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Jake Songer- Owner


"We have used the services of Jake and his team at Inferno Guard for over ten years. He has provided a tremendous service of ensuring our property of 17 acres is well-maintained. He is responsive, reliable, and sensitive to our needs; especially our priority of tree preservation and balancing safety with esthetics. 

Jake will always be that very special person, as on the night of the October 8, 2018, unknowing to us, he drove to our unoccupied home and single-handedly saved our rural, tree-surrounded home from its demise. Most other neighbors lost their homes. As a former wild lands firefighter, he knew exactly what how to prepare for the advancing flames.   We are forever grateful. He is our hero.  We highly recommend him to anyone who desires to prepare their property in advance of a wild fire, or tree work in general."  

Cris and David

​Napa Property Owners