​​​What is Defensible Space?

Defensible space is defined as: A residential environment whose physical characteristics—building layout and site plan—function to allow inhabitants themselves to become key agents in ensuring their security.

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​​What We provide...

​​Assessment of hazards, recommended solutions and a customized plan of action

Detailed report of findings with suggested mitigation 

Seasonal wildfire readiness evaluation and maintenance plan

Reduction of vegetation and fuel load around the home

Fire breaks and barriers

Fire-Safe home renovations (Vulcan Vents, gutter guards and intumescent coatings)

​​Home Hardening & Defense LLC

Your goal now, before a fire happens, is to make your home or business and the surrounding area, more resistant to catching fire and burning. This means reducing the amount of material that can burn easily in and around your home or business by clearing away debris and other flammable materials, and using fire-resistant materials for landscaping and construction.

These three essential steps have allowed our customer's homes to still stand after being confronted by wildfire:

Step 1: Assessment Report

Step 2: Fuel Reduction and modification directly around home.

Step 3: Home Hardening 

Inferno Guard

Inferno Guard


​          Home Hardening & Defense LLC


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Local fire departments require homeowners to create a defensible space around their home.  Our professionals know the laws and can provide you with the knowledge, services and guidance you need to be compliant but most of all, fire safe! 

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